Annapolis County Trail Society

Trail Operational Rules

  1. The hours of operation of the trail will be from 0500 hours  to 2300 hours.
  2. This trail is managed by the Annapolis County Trail Society under Letter of Authority from the Minister of  Natural Resources.
  3. This trail is designated a multi-use trail.
  4. The trail has posted speed limits that will be enforced.  (50kms on the open trail and 20kms through communities)
  5. All motorized traffic and bicycles will yield to walkers, horses being driven, horseback riders and all pedestrians.
  6. Owners will keep their pets on a leach and will pick-up after them.
  7. All users are expected to respect others.
  8. The trail is closed to Cars, Trucks, SUVs, Jeeps or other like highway Vehicles.
  9. Users of this trail can expect to meet walkers, Skiers, Horses being ridden or driven, ATVs, Dirt Bikes and Snowmobiles at any time during the above hours and any season of the year.
  10. Please do not travel on the trail with in four hours of grooming and at no temperature above -5 degrees Celsius riding ATV's or Off road motorcycles.
  11. All users are expected to respect the rights of each other user group that uses this trail.

The trail is patrolled by Trail Wardens, DNR Officers and the RCMP

These groups will provide assistance to users as well DNR and the RCMP will enforce the various ACTS and Regulations covering trail usage.