Team membersAnnapolis County Trail Society Members Present
From left: Bob Wright, Bill Bishop, Prime Minister, Al Worthen, Dianne Currie and James Frank President
The Annapolis Valley Trails Coalition was proud to have been chosen to aid in the logistics of the Prime Minister's visit and to have been chosen as the venue for the Announcement of the Federal Government's $25 million Trails Infrastructure announcement of it's contribution to match Funding from the Canadian Trails Coalition.

On a very exciting note, in this video you will see Prime Minister Harper arriving at the trail in Wilmot, this was his first time driving a snowmobile, also in an even bigger first for a trail group in the Valley, you will see James Franks presenting Prime Minister Harper with his lifetime Membership to the Annapolis County Trails Society, which was graciously accepted. Video Nova News

The event had representation from ATVANS, SANS, NSORRA, Hike Nova Scotia, The Canadian Trails Coalition, the Annapolis Valley Trails Coalition, Annapolis County Trails Society, Nova Scotia Trails Federation, as well as walkers, dogs, horses, skiers,  trail groomer and snowshoers.

The event truly reflected what makes Nova Scotia a leading venue in Outdoor Recreation, with the Trans Canada Trail as the backdrop and snow falling crisply we were able to show off to Canada what we live everyday without taking for granted.

A great time was had by all and the Prime Minister and his numerous support staff and officials said that it was one of the better managed and enjoyed events and locations they had worked on in years. The media were ushered in on the Trans Canada Trail on a team of draft horses and sleigh.